CPC Logistics Western Division Safety Manager

    Rory Manning | Western Division Safety Manager

    Drivers can allow themselves to be distracted by many things:

    • use of electronics
    • pets
    • the radio
    • music/CDs/tapes
    • GPS units
    • a personal computer mounted on a laptop workstation
    • eating and drinking
    • cell phones
    • reading maps and directions
    • smoking, etc.

    Professional drivers of trucks and buses are not allowed to text while driving. A proposed rule would also ban their cell phone use while driving. It is best to remember that when you’re driving, you need to concentrate fully on driving.

    When it comes to concentrating on driving, it is easier to stay alert if a driver takes proper care of his health. This includes eating a well-balanced diet, engaging in adequate exercise and getting enough sleep. Many things can impede a driver’s ability to do these things, but they are all important.

    Be aware of the effect of medication on driving. Never drink alcoholic beverages or take controlled substances in connection with driving a big rig.

    And remember, professional drivers should always wear their seatbelts.