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National Private Truck Council Monthly Safety Newsletter | Sponsored By CPC Logistics

CPC believes SO strongly in the importance of safety in the workplace, that when approached by the National Private Truck Council to underwrite a monthly safety topic for truck drivers nationwide, it was a no brainer to support it. Whether you are a Driver, looking to brush up on a safety mentality, or a Driver Safety Manager, seeking content to share with your Driver group, this is a great resource for you. Feel free to browse through these and help yourself for using them. We ALL want safe Drivers and safe roads!


March 2019 | Your Role In Tire Safety
February 2019 | Speeding
January 2019 | Night Driving


December 2018 | FMCSA_Updates_Diabetes_Rule
November 2018 | Distracted Driving
October 2018 | Fatal Accident Statistics…Good News, Bad News
September 2018 | Unfamiliar Roadways
August 2018 | Prevent Roadway Accidents Involving Pedestrians
July 2018 | Update To Medical Examiner’s Certification
June 2018 | Summer Driving – The Heat Is On
May 2018 | Driver Health & Safety
April 2018 | Too Fast For Conditions
March 2018 | Here Comes The Sun
February 2018 | Buckle Up | Facts related to Truck Driver safety belt usage
January 2018 | Winterize Yourself | Safe driving tips and other tips for surviving and thriving in Winter


December 2017 | Driving A Truck Is Dangerous | Notes about the hazards of truck driving
November 2017 | All Star Attitudes | How to succeed with a positive attitude as a Truck Driver
September 2017 | Watch Your Speed
August 2017 | Back To School
July 2017 | Pre Employment Screening Programs
June 2017 | School’s Out
May 2017 | Roadside Inspections
April 2017 | Work Zone Safety
March 2017 | Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits
February 2017 | Safety By The Numbers