Rodrigo (Rock) Nieto has been with CPC Logistics for nearly 5 years and is assigned to Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations out of Woodridge, Illinois. Rodrigo is a proven professional who can be always be counted on.

    Bridgestone Americas Tire Corportation Class A Driver

    Rodrigo “Rock” Nieto | Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations

    Rock is a regional “Sleeper” driver who loves the challenge of delivering to varied locations, both near and far. Knowing it would mean being away from his family for two weeks, Rock once offered to travel to another state to assist our CPC Logistics office in Allentown, Pennsylvania who was experiencing a shortage of manpower. He never wavered or thought twice about his offer. He just asked his manager, “When should I be there?”
    This is a testament of his character and what makes him stand out as a true professional driver. Rock always presents himself on the job daily with the same high energy and motivation to get the job done.

    Class A Truck Driver Safety Check

    Rodrigo Nieto performs a tire thump safety check.

    From the Customer:
    Rodrigo “Rock” Nieto is one of our most reliable and dependable drivers. The nickname is appropriate because he is solid-as-a-rock as a driver. Rock is always upbeat and always willing to take on any challenge. He is one of our go-to guys and we are so glad to have him as part of the BATO team.
    ~Rich Doubek, Operations Manager, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC

    Class A CDL Pre Trip Safety Check

    Rodrigo Nieto performing some pre-trip work.

    CPC Logistics, Inc. is proud to showcase Rodrigo Nieto and his credible work record as we prove once again……The Best Drivers Drive CPC!