Meet Danny Canipe……………..

    Danny has been driving and delivering Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (BATO) products since June 1, 2009.  He has the most seniority of the drivers based out of Fletcher, North Carolina that drive for CPC Logistics, Inc.

    During his service to both CPC and BATO, Danny has been recognized for excellence by being awarded the BATO Driver of the Year Award in October 2007, the One Million Mile Award with CPC Logistics in April of 2015, and he will be awarded his 13 Year Safe Driving Award in October of this year.  Additionally, Danny has been nominated for Driver All-Star Awards with the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) as well multiple North Carolina State Trucking Association Awards.

    CPC Driver Danny Canipe


    Danny is as dependable as they come.  He has not missed a day from work, excluding planned vacations.  He has consistently been an advocate and an example to other drivers of complying with both company and Department of Transportation policies when completing his daily duties.  He not only attends safety meetings but actively participates in them, often providing important suggestions that contribute to the safety of the fleet.  He serves as a driver trainer for new hires and his paperwork is a model to follow for all.

    Danny Canipe

    “I’ve always looked at my job as if it were my own business and have attempted to make a commitment to making it successful,” says Danny. “Customer Service is the key component to what we do.  If Bridgestone sees value in what I do, it gives Bridgestone value.  If CPC sees value in what I do, it gives value to CPC.  The biggest value I can provide to each company is having a strong work ethic and treating the people that I interact with respect.”

    Danny’s off-time from work is dedicated to his family. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Pamela and daughters Melissa and Rebecca. He is a veteran of the US Army and spent most of his service time overseas in Europe. He is an active member of Bethel Baptist Church in his hometown of Marion, NC.


    “Danny has always been dependable, flexible and professional. When BATO reinstituted its Driver of the Year program in 2007, Danny was the epitome of what we had hoped for in representing the fleet as a Driver of the Year.  I first became acquainted with Danny in 2003 during the hiring process and have always taken comfort in knowing that operations in Fletcher, NC were solid with professionals like Danny.”
    Kris Kolbe, Manager, Transportation Compliance
    Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations


    “I have known and worked with Danny for over 20 years. Danny is today what he was the first time I met him; a positive, professional, polite and kind person. Danny was a model driver and citizen then, and he is now. CPC, BATO, customers of BATO and his co-workers are fortunate to have Danny as part of our CPC professional driving team.”
    Ken Pruitt, Division Manager
    CPC Logistics, Inc