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800-274-3746 Employee Portal

Keeping you informed with all of the COVID-19 information

To: CPC Drivers assigned to Walgreens

From: Dan Most | Vice President Safety & Operations

Re: Face Mask Requirement

Date: July 27, 2020

Attention all CPC drivers assigned to Walgreens:

In late April, Walgreens put into effect a requirement for all employees and vendors to wear a face mask when entering any of their facilities. Over the last few weeks, this has been expanded to include customers. The reason for this is to try to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect all of their employees, vendors, and customers. At this time, I would just like to thank you for your compliance and remind you to be safe and follow best practices to slow the spread.

You have been given PPE that will help protect you and others around you if used properly. Please follow these best practices regarding PPE use and other avoidance measures:

  1. CPC employees should wear a mask at all times when entering any Walgreens facility. a. This includes the Dispatch office, warehouse, or store
  2. Includes set up and breakdown at stores while outside the trailer
  3. Masks do not need to be worn while driving or while in the back of the trailer unloading freight, as long as you are greater than 6 feet from anyone


  1. CPC employees should wear gloves at all times – general work gloves are fine. a. Avoid putting your hands around your eyes, nose, or mouth with the gloves on
  2. When you take your gloves off, wash your hands for 20 seconds


  1. Sanitize commonly touched surfaces at the beginning and end of each shift. These surfaces include: a. Steering wheel
  2. All control knobs
  3. Gear Shifter
  4. Air Lock Knobs
  5. Door handle (interior and exterior)
  6. Seat and Seatbelt
  7. ELD Screen
  8. Radio



CPC Management as well as Walgreens dispatch have been purchasing masks, gloves, and cleaning supplies to distribute to each of you. If you are in need of any of these items, please contact your Manager immediately. Thank you again for your compliance to these requirements! If you encounter any issues or concerns in complying with this requirement, please let CPC Management know immediately. Thank you again and Stay Safe.


Dan Most

DATE: April 27, 2020
TO: All CPC Drivers and Other Employees
FROM: Harold (Butch) Wallis Jr., President
CPC Logistics, Inc.
SUBJECT: Making a Difference – Part 5
I mentioned in the last memo that Truck Drivers are being viewed in a different light and deep appreciation
is being shown. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to watch the ceremony where President
Trump and Secretary of Transportation Chao thanked the Truck Drivers in a formal ceremony
Included in his remarks President Trump recognized the critical role our nation’s truck drivers are playing
in the country’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic at the event on the White House on April 17,
2020. During the event, President Trump and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao recognized truckers as
“heroes” for their efforts during the crisis.
“In the war against the virus, America’s truckers are really the foot soldiers that are carrying us to victory,”
President Trump said. “Truckers are playing a critical role in vanquishing the virus, and they will be just as
important as we work to get our economic engine roaring.” Numerous times he said, “Thank God for Truck
Drivers”, which is something we at CPC all agree on. You should take pride in knowing you are part of
the group “who never let our country down”.
The 4 drivers who spoke at the ceremony did an exceptional job representing our industry in their
comments. One takeaway for me was the comments of the FedEx driver, Tina Peterson. At the end of her
remarks in describing the work during this crisis of her fellow FedEx drivers and workers, she stated “This
is who we are and what we do”.
I thought that was an accurate description that would aptly apply to the CPC drivers and those who are
supporting them. You continue conducting your duties at a high level under unique circumstances. This
provides a necessary service to our customers and the ultimate end customers. “This is who we are and
what we do”.
I also frequently hear positive stories of our drivers putting others first and watching out for each other.
One of our Regional Safety Managers relayed a story about one of our drivers who was able to obtain masks
after making a delivery. He indicated he was providing half of what he was able to buy to a fellow driver
who has a serious chronic health issue (not related to COVID-19) and has been out of work for an extended
period of time. He knew the fellow driver was continuing to get treatment for his illness and having to be
out in public and at medical facilities. He wanted to make sure that he was doing it as safely as possible
given he is in a susceptible group, so he provided him the resources he would have unlikely been able to
obtain on his own. This is just one example of living by the statement – “We are all in this together”.
There are reports the virus is leveling off, and hopefully those are accurate. But regardless please remain
vigilant in practicing good hygiene and using all precautionary measures recommended by the CDC and
WHO to protect yourself and others. Continue to wash your hands, social distance, clean and disinfect your
work area, and follow the new recommendation of wearing a mask when around others. And I will add
continue to take care of your fellow drivers and others. Because “This is who we are and what we do”.
Thank you for what you are doing each day!

DATE: April 13, 2020
TO: All CPC Drivers and Other Employees
FROM: Harold (Butch) Wallis Jr., President
CPC Logistics, Inc.
SUBJECT: Making a Difference – Part 4
This Easter weekend was probably different than any before, as normal activities were likely limited for
gatherings with extended family and friends or in larger groups such as worship services or other gettogethers. One outcome is when this time of “social distancing” ends, we will probably have a greater
appreciation for things we have taken for granted. I hope you were able to spend some time doing what
you enjoy.
The pandemic has challenged everyone in different ways. A lot of businesses have been shut down and
individuals have lost jobs and income. Some of our drivers have experienced temporary lay-offs due to
slowing customer sales or closing/reductions at manufacturing plants. Hopefully these businesses will
reopen, and volume will pick up soon. We all are looking forward to a return to some sense of normality.
As stated in last week’s memo, this COVID-19 trial will end. No one knows when, but it will end and
hopefully sooner rather than later.
In the meantime, most of our drivers and other workers continue to do their jobs each day and provide
essential products and services. You were not afforded the opportunity to “stay at home and/or work
remotely”, because your job has always been crucial. There is a reason why Transportation and the entire
Supply Chain was identified early as an “essential business”. Because without trucking and truck drivers,
America (and Canada) stops. As an old business partner used to say – “It ain’t going to deliver itself”.
One thing that has come out of this crisis is the way that Truckdrivers are viewed and the appreciation that
is being shown. The “Thanks and Admiration” Truckdrivers have received has been noticeable during this
time period. President Trump and other public officials have publicly thanked Truckdrivers for their
contribution. Our Drivers have also relayed personal acts of appreciation while they are on the road, with
random individuals handing out cleaning supplies and snacks at rest areas and other locations.
This challenging time has also highlighted the value of the Private Fleet due to its dependability and
flexibility. A message was shared with us by one customer that a Director referred to their Private Fleet
as a “godsend during the pandemic”. He went on to state that there “has been no disruptions to our
business” and he “loves the reliability”. The president of one of our customers filmed a message with a
delivery location at a store as the background thanking all who work to get the product on the shelf and
into the hands of the customer, including the Delivery Drivers.
The interesting, but not surprising, thing to me is the way most continue to go about their day-to-day with
a positive attitude that uplifts us all. While everyone should enjoy the well-deserved recognition that you
are getting, I have no doubt that you would continue doing what you do, even if no one paid any attention
or praised your efforts. Because making a difference has never been about getting credit for what you are
doing, it’s about putting the needs of others first. And that is what you are doing.
Thank you for all you do and STAY SAFE! Working together we will get through this difficult time.

DATE: April 6, 2020
TO: All CPC Drivers and Other Employees
FROM: Harold (Butch) Wallis Jr.
SUBJECT: Making a Difference – Part 3
The time period, we are currently living in defies description since it is unique in so many ways. Some have defined it as a “war against a virus that can’t be seen”. However it is defined or described, the result is that COVID-19 has brought on different challenges for different groups. The challenge to the Trucking Industry and Truck Drivers has been to deliver at a high level to meet the needs of others and make a difference.
Not many outside of those that work in our industry would have labeled the Transportation Industry and Truck Drivers, as one of the most “Essential Groups”. Most never gave any thought to how shelves stayed full or factories had materials for production. But the impact you are having on others and their families in this crisis is essential and significant. You should take great Pride in what you are doing.
Comments are now made that Truck Drivers are – “the lifeblood of the economy”, “the heroes on the front lines” and “the backbone of America”. All are accurate descriptions. The truth is that it was an accurate description before this crisis and will be after this crisis. The awareness is elevated at this time because, during a crisis those challenged rise to meet the challenge. That is how we know that we will get through this, because those called have always risen to meet the challenge. You are doing that right now.
We also want to thank you for the positive attitude most of our drivers have displayed. When asked how you are doing, responses are – “Just taking it day to day”, “Working together we will get through it” or “Glad I am able to have a job that is helping others out”. Your outlook and actions have lifted us all up. How you are handling your “day to day” encourages all of us around you.
Finally, I leave you with some thoughts and things gathered during this most unique time in our lives.
• We need to acknowledge that many, maybe even some of us, are concerned and some even fearful because much is unknown and most people do not like uncertainty – How long will this last? How many will be infected? How will the coronavirus impact me or my family or someone I am close to? Could I personally contract the virus? When will normalcy return? Concern and fear are not abnormal given the circumstances.
• But the strong impact of the coronavirus will end. When and how many will be impacted is unknown and the estimates are all over the place. But it will end.
• Until it does, which is something we cannot control, we can control the following:
Whether or not we wash our hands How much support we show others
How many deep breathes we take How often we practice gratitude
How we respond to uncertainty What we choose to focus on
Our effort to social distance How we deal with adversity
How we speak to ourselves How we speak to others
Bottom line is that we will get through this. After all, we are Americans, Canadians and Puerto Ricans who have always stepped up and met the challenges that faced us. And we will do so again.
Thank you for all you are doing each day. Please stay safe by practicing the guidelines provided by the CPC

DATE: March 26, 2020
TO: All CPC Drivers and Other Employees
FROM: Harold (Butch) Wallis Jr.
SUBJECT: Making a Difference – Part 2
A few years back there was a picture on the internet of a long line of truckslined up “side by side”
on the interstate in Florida with the Highway Patrol staging them in place. A hurricane had gone
through Florida, and the trucks were waiting to be released to head into the effected area to
deliver supplies and other needed goods. Seeing this reinforced that truck drivers are often the
“second responders” after catastrophic events. The police, firefighters, EMTs, and other
government officials head into the area first, and the truck drivers are not too far behind.
What the country has faced over the last few weeks due to the coronavirus has been truly unique
and unprecedented as a catastrophic event. The reaction of the First Responders, which include
the doctors, nurses, and others has been nothing short of extraordinary. Right behind them, the
commitment of truck drivers acting as “second responders” and getting supplies through under
remarkable conditions is exceptional.
Many CPC drivers are delivering necessary supplies that fill the shelves. These products are
essential to meeting the needs of individuals and their families. Other CPC drivers deliver product
that allows a business/dealer or individual to keep their “doors open”. We know it is vital to that
individual, their employees and families and helps keep our “country running”. Other CPC drivers
haul a product that will keep a manufacturing plant operating. Again, this is vital to all the
workers and families who can continue working during these difficult times.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. phrased it very simply – “Life’s most urgent question is: what are you
doing for others?” The answer for all the CPC drivers who probably say “I am just doing my job”
is that you are Making a Difference in Others Lives! In many cases you are putting the needs of
others first and your work will have an impact that you will never realize.
Please stay safe and practice the steps that will help in prevention of the spread or contracting
the coronavirus – wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, cover your mouth and nose when
coughing or sneezing, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, and practice good health habits
including social distancing. Remember to use these when you do get a day or two off as well.
We are proud to be able to work with you and together with our great clients we will continue
to support you. Remember that this challenge brought on by this pandemic will end, hopefully
sooner than later. But until it does your actions as a “second responder” are having a positive
Thank you for what you are doing each day!

DATE: March 19, 2020
TO: All CPC Drivers and Other Employees
FROM: Harold (Butch) Wallis Jr.
SUBJECT: Making a Difference
To say we are in “Unique Times” might be an understatement. But, as the world continues to
cope and manage with the current state of conditions, it is our drivers and other employees and
the operational teams that are put into action to ensure that life continues.
The rest of the world is slowing down, staying inside, and working to control the spread of this
virus. At the same time, our teams are deployed to ensure that the rest of the country has what
they need to manage through this crisis.
On behalf of CPC Logistics and every citizen that relies on these supply chains right now, we want
to THANK YOU FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Many take for granted their ability to have access
to what they need right now, but it is our drivers and team members that help to make that a
reality we can all afford. Keeping the supply chain moving allows product to get where it needs
to be.
We want to ensure that each team member, be it in a truck, warehouse, or office takes the time
to ensure that they are meeting their physical and mental health needs to be able get through
these conditions. Follow the guidelines on personal hygiene and social distancing that has
previously been provided. If there are questions regarding any of the memos that have been
sent, concerns about understanding the changes our government is making or general questions,
please reach out to your direct Manager and we will work, to the best of our ability, to ensure
you have what you need to manage your health through this.
Making a difference in other people’s lives happens in many ways. And, while you may think “I
am just doing my job and delivering a load of freight, what’s the big deal?” The big deal is you
are providing something that impacts another person down the line.
To everyone, thank you again for all you are doing.

In an effort to further protect CPC’s drivers and Walgreens team members, we will implement a new but temporary procedure that enhances social distancing.

We will no longer pass paperwork between the driver and store team members.  The driver will be the only one handling or writing on paperwork at deliveries.

Store deliveries

  • Driver writes the name of the person verifying seal being removed and the seal being replaced on the manifest
    • This suffices for receipt acknowledgement as well
  • Driver writes any overages or shorts on manifest
  • Driver writes the number of returning cases on the manifest

Backhaul Pickups

  • If signature is required on their paperwork, please use your own pen

Please let us know if you have any questions or need clarification.

Valued Drivers,
As we continue to monitor the CDC website for more information, the risk of infection with
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is still LOW according to the CDC.
A big part of curbing this virus and getting back to normal routines is all of us doing our part in
our own daily lives:
1. Washing your hands frequently
2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
3. Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze
4. Sanitize commonly touched surfaces
5. Avoiding large crowds
6. Stay home when you are sick
Using good sanitary habits to protect ourselves will go a long way in cutting the spread
of this off, or at least slowing down until the vaccines is developed and ready for the
The panic has created mass outages of supplies like sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer, rubbing
alcohol, and toilet paper. Rest assured we are working and searching all vendors to get these
products ordered an available at your dispatch office.
Please make sure you are taking every precaution to protect yourself and your fellow drivers.
1. Cleaning up after yourself
2. Clean common surfaces before touching them
3. Wear gloves
4. Stay home if you are sick
As a member of the transportation industry, and Walgreens particularly, you are a vital role in
getting essential supplies where they need to help the public. We appreciate everything you do
day-in and day-out. You truly are the BEST of the BEST!
Thank you and continue to be safe!!

Because of the “buying frenzy” Please use the guidelines below

·       Keep aware of your situations and be alert of customers or people not normally associated with the delivery around the tractor and trailer.

·       If you are approached notify store manager, dispatch, and the store.

·       Keep focusing on situational awareness and address appropriately if we need to escalate.  

·       In these situations, activate the smart drive cameras before proceeding.

·       Don’t open the trailer door until the store personnel are present. 

·       Take precautions if needed depart, or just stay in the cab if the group doesn’t disperse.

·       The store may need to escalate and call authorities if there are any safety concerns. 

·       Move the truck to a safe location where you can call store, and management, for guidance. 

·       In an extreme emergency call 911.

DATE: March 24, 2020
TO: All CPC Logistics, Inc. Drivers assigned to Walgreens
FROM: CPC Logistics, Inc.
SUBJECT: Attendance and Leave due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unique circumstances that are requiring employees to be away from work. Federal and State regulations have been implemented through various laws and directives. The Federal law that was passed by Congress and signed by the President (the Families First Coronavirus Response Act) was specific to Employers with under 500 employees. Since CPC Logistics, Inc. (CPC) has over 3200 employees in the US, this law does not apply to our company and our employees assigned to our customers.
CPC has worked with our customers and developed the following policy as it relates to drivers assigned to this specific customer:
If a Full-time employee is absent due to the following situations related to COVID-19:
• the employee is quarantined by order of federal, state or local government;
• the employee is quarantined under advice of a health care provider;
• the employee is experiencing symptoms and is instructed by a Healthcare provider or CPC to remain quarantined while seeking a formal medical diagnosis;
• the employee is caring for someone who is quarantined by governmental order or the advice of a health care provider; or
• the employee is under a CPC mandated quarantine period
The employee would be paid the following:
• Eight (8) hours per workday at the regular hourly rate for up to five (5) days in any work week and limited to two (2) weeks (a total of ten (10) workdays within any fourteen (14) day period).
• Employer paid Health Plan coverage would be provided for the two (2) week period if you are enrolled in the CPC Health Plan. Normal employee deductions for coverage would apply.
In addition, if the absence extends farther, the employee will have the option to use any accrued PTO/Personal Holidays, Vacation, Sick Leave (if applicable). CPC will also review moving any PTO/Personal Holidays and Vacation up so the employee would have the option of taking this time earlier.
If the absence extends beyond two (2) weeks, Full-time Employees who have been employed for over thirty (30) days would also be eligible for FMLA, regardless of normal eligibility requirements. FMLA affords Health Plan coverage for up to twelve (12) weeks if you are covered under the CPC Health Plan.
Any missed time will not impact any attendance bonus programs (if applicable) and not be considered in disciplinary action. Any state or local laws that are applicable to CPC would supersede and replace

A lot has changed over the last few days and the impact is being felt worldwide. No one is quite sure how much of
an impact the Coronavirus will have on our families and communities or how long this impact will last. CPC
leadership has been sending out informative communication to keep you well informed and safe during this event,
and we appreciate the open communication back with what you are seeing in the field. Please remember, in times
of crisis, you are hauling freight that is considered essential – meaning you may be delivering medicine or water to
a community that has none. The work you do is always important, but when communities are relying on Walgreens
to have the things they need, your job becomes absolutely vital.
In this memo, I would like to address 2 additional items that have been brought to my attention:
1. Situational Awareness:
Several communities are experiencing extreme shortages of paper products (toilet paper especially) and
cleaning supplies. People are beginning to get desperate for those items and may make irrational
decisions to secure those items.
If you see vehicles following your tractor, individuals hiding behind stores, or groups of people
approaching your truck, please notify dispatch immediately. Stay in the cab until store personnel open the
receiving door. If you feel unsafe, call the store and tell them the situation. You may have to call 9-1-1 to
alert the police if you feel threatened.
Nothing on that trailer is worth you getting injured or killed. Please proceed with caution and exercise
good judgment for navigating these situations.
2. Emergency Declaration:
On Friday, the FMCSA issued an Emergency Declaration for all 50 states suspending Federal Hours of
Service rules as outlined in 49 CFR390. The freight you deliver for Walgreens is considered essential and
As a result, you will likely be asked to work more than 70 hours per week without a 34 hour reset. During
the next 30 days, this is legal and you can work as requested by the customer. Despite the HOS
restrictions being lifted, SAFETY will continue to be our #1 priority and we implore you to keep that in
mind at ALL TIMES!
So you know what to expect, I want to share the guidelines that we are putting into place:
a. Bids will be suspended for the next 30 days. If you normally run relays or yard, this should not
impact you, but peddle drivers need to be prepared to deliver available routes. This is due to the
significant increase in Delivery Frequency making the normal bid obsolete.
b. Pay for all work completed on the 6th or 7th day will be paid at Time and a Half.
c. If you do not want to work on the 6th or 7th day, you will not be forced. You should notify dispatch
of your desire to not work the additional days and be prepared to cover longer runs during the
week to compensate for other drivers working the 6th and 7th days to get more rest.
d. If you are fatigued, you need to take a 10 hour break. NO EXCEPTIONS. Call dispatch and your
remaining stores to tell them that you will be laying over. Go to a hotel and rest for 10 hours, then
complete the load the next day.
e. You should log anything that would normally be considered a violation in the “Remarks” section
of your log.
If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please reach out to your Operations or Safety Manager.
People in our communities depend every day on stores like Walgreens to provide them the items they need when
they need them, especially in uncertain times like these. Thank you again for all that you do, now more than ever –
please stay vigilant and safe.

Cpc is currently developing guidelines consistent with federal law regarding paid time off in conjunction with the pandemic.
We can assure you that if you are quarantined due to your own positive test or having contacted someone with a positive test you will be paid up through the quarantine period.

Additionally Cpc and Walgreens are making every attempt to get protective equipment and sanitizing wipes/gel and gloves for all drivers.  We will distribute as it becomes available to do so.

Attention All CPC Employees:
We have been asked to cooperate with Walgreens as they roll out a new process to reduce
potential exposure to the Coronavirus. During this pandemic we want to provide tools and
information for you to keep you, your co-workers and your families safe. The role you play in
supporting our stores to deliver care at the frontlines of public health is vital. To protect against
COVID-19, like many diseases, the first step is identification of symptoms, then proper
evaluation with a medical professional and possible testing. Evaluating symptoms accurately
and regularly helps you have confidence that you are healthy, or helps you to identify more
quickly symptoms you need to look into further.
We will soon be offering voluntary COVID-19 symptom assessment as you arrive for your shift.
This will be conducted at the AP gate when you arrive for your shift. It is an easy 2-step process.
Step 1: You will be asked: Are you currently experiencing:
• Cough (yes or no)
• Shortness of Breath (yes or no)
Step 2: Non-contact temperature scan
• If you have a temperature ≥100.0 F, you will be asked to leave work, contact your
healthcare provider or telemedicine.
If you have both respiratory symptoms, cough and shortness of breath, you will be asked to
leave work, contact your healthcare provider or telemedicine.
If you have only one respiratory symptom, you will be asked to monitor for fever or the other
respiratory symptom but can remain working.
If you are asked to leave work:
• You will be paid for the remainder of the shift
Identifying fever or respiratory symptoms early can significantly help protect your health, your
co-workers and your family with early assessment and treatment. We hope you will take
advantage of this free service to maintain your health to carry on the vital work you do. Thank
you for your continued service to our communities and customers,
Dan Most
Vice President



Updated Policy & Guidance
CPC Drivers and Other Personnel Assigned to Client Locations
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
March 18, 2020
As CPC Logistics, Inc. continues to monitor the local, national and worldwide incidence of the coronavirus and the illness it causes, COVID-19, CPC Drivers and other Personnel are asked to review the following workplace policies and guidance. It is likely this information will change as the situation evolves and more becomes known.
The following is updated and effective Immediately until further notice:
While we cannot restrict your personal travel, CPC recommends using sound judgement and discretion on when and where you may choose to go.
1. All personal International travel outside the US or Canada is strongly discouraged. Both the US and Canadian governments have strongly discouraged travel to other countries.
2. We strongly urge extreme caution and judgment for your personal domestic travel.
Anyone who returns from a location with a CDC level 3 travel warning for COVID-19 [link below], will result in temporary restrictions on returning to work, as will any positive test for or contact with a COVID-19 positive person by you or your household members. This may include self-isolation per guidance from the CDC and WHO. Most self-isolations will last up to 14 days.
Current Level 3 Locations include the following: China, Iran, S. Korea, UK and Ireland and most All of Europe. For up to date information review the following
Since most of our employees physically enter, exit and/or perform work on Customer property and interact with their employees and/or customers, be aware of any specific directions they may implement. CPC Management will update you on the customer’s policy as it becomes known and adherence to their policy is expected.
The following should be reported to your CPC Regional/Operational Manager as soon as possible per the earlier issued policy:
1. All recent and future planned travel by any employee or an immediate household member outside the U.S. and Canada;
2. All contact by an employee or an immediate household member with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19; or
3. Any positive test on any employee or an immediate household member for COVID-19.
Any reporting of any employee or household member by anyone will follow General Privacy Guidelines. Meaning, the name of the affected or possibly affected employee or household member will not be shared with other employees.
14528 S OUTER FORTY ROAD | SUITE 210 | CHESTERFIELD, MO 63017 | P 314.542.2266 | 800.274.3746 | F 314.542.0666 |
CPC will be flexible in its absenteeism and leave policies in order to accommodate any employee who may need to stay away from work due to this matter. This will Include the following:
1. CPC will follow all Federal, State or Local regulations. CPC is waiting for final guidance from the US Federal government for policy that would be implemented. For states with Sick Leave or additional policies, their guidance will be followed.
2. In addition, CPC is working with our customers for specific provisions related to their operations. You will be notified as soon as policies are finalized.
3. Employees will also have the choice to use PTO/Paid Vacation/Personal Holidays for time away from work, if requested.
4. If needed CPC will “Accelerate or Advance” any not yet earned PTO/Vacation/Personal Holidays to allow employees to be paid if you need to stay home from work related to this matter.
5. All absences due to the Coronavirus will be designated the “Approved Leave” and not counted against any attendance-absenteeism policies or attendance award programs, or other policies, etc.
For those employees and family members on the CPC Medical Plan, if it becomes necessary for any employee or dependent to get a test for COVID-19, the Plan will waive all out-of-pocket costs for these COVID-19 tests. This includes waiving deductible or co-pays.
Please contact Accolade with Medical Benefit Plan assistance and/or questions or concerns:
• Call (844) 351-3536
• Refer to your Medical Benefits Card
If you are under a separate plan you should contact the Insurance company for guideance.
CPC has taken action to prepare for the need to allow our corporate management and administrative staffs to continue normal business operations in the event of any office or building closures, or government-imposed shuts downs or restrictions. Specifically, we are prepared to make work-from home arrangements and to have the use of an alternative site location for our Chesterfield, MO headquarters personnel, if the need arises. We have ensured that despite any closures, shutdowns or restrictions, that we will be able to process and manage our regular business and ensure that our drivers and other employees are timely paid and other employment matters are handled.
CPC is working with our customers to provide additional cleaning for the Drivers and Others work areas. Both parties are working to access disinfecting supplies but are limited by their availability. We are also working with our customers to provide additional cleaning of the equipment when available for the drivers. When disinfectants are available you should wipe down your work area, which for drivers would include doors and steering wheels and other areas that are frequently touched. In addition, you should thoroughly wash your hands before and after deliveries.
14528 S OUTER FORTY ROAD | SUITE 210 | CHESTERFIELD, MO 63017 | P 314.542.2266 | 800.274.3746 | F 314.542.0666 |
CPC will continue to provide on-going communication in this fluid situation. We will err on the side of protecting all our employees in this regard and continue to stress the importance of Staying Home If/When Sick or experiencing flu like symptoms – and doing so for at least 24 hours until after All symptoms have ceased. Also, we will be flexible in our policies and work to best accommodate our staff for their overall safety and our entire company and customers.
In addition, continue to follow these public health guidelines:
• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Influenza, COVID-19 and other serious respiratory illnesses are spread by cough, sneezing or unclean hands.
• Wash your hands often to help protect you from germs. The recommended washing time is 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer should also be used when available.
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches their face.
• Practice other good health habits. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at home and work, including doorknobs, keyboards and phones.
• Practice social distancing. Please avoid large group gatherings/crowds and try and maintain a distance from others. Avoid handshaking and other personal contact with others when possible.
Social Distancing as a driver or a warehouse worker means taking extra precautions as you perform your duties, but most of the basic facts are the same as listed above – Stay home if sick, wash hands, etc. Additionally, perform the following steps:
• Keep a minimum of six (6) feet or more (3 meters) apart from others when possible;
• Do not shake hands or make other physical contact;
• When at work, avoid gathering in large groups with close contact in break rooms, on the yard or in other areas. CDC recommended group gatherings should be ten (10) or less; and
• When off duty or not working, avoid large gatherings, and gatherings in smaller public spaces such as pubs, cinemas, restaurants, theatres, bars, clubs, etc.
CPC will be coordinating with our customers on ways to minimize this contact when making pick-ups, deliveries, etc., especially in highly impacted areas. This can include the handling of paperwork, etc.
Finally, we have included recent information from the CDC based on the President’s recommendations as well as short concise information.
This is an ever-changing policy and will be adjusted accordingly due to guidance from the CDC, WHO and other Federal, State, Provincial, or Local agencies.
Please be safe and practice good personal hygiene habits for the well-being of you, your family and friends and all those you encounter. Working together we can minimize the risk for everyo