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What If?…

Here you can find who or when to call under different scenarios.

All accidents, no matter how minor, need to call your CPC Operations Manager

1. ✔ Stop immediately – Remain calm, pull the vehicle as far off
the road as possible, shut off the engine, set emergency brakes
and turn on your emergency flashers

2. ✔ Set out warning devices – this should be done within 10
minutes and while wearing a reflective safety vest.

3. ✔ Notify Law Enforcement – provide location, injury information and your contact information.

4. Call Dean Cretsinger 

Note: Once your CPC manager has been contacted, they will then call Dispatch and others.

5. ✔ Get Documentation – time and location, weather conditions,
names and addresses of all involved parties AND insurance
companies, name and department of investigation officer with
report number, and names/addresses of all witnesses

6. ✔ Do NOT give statements or discuss details with anyone other than Law Enforcement or DOT representatives or Company
representative. In the event the media is present, NEVER grant
an interview at the scene or make any comments to reporters.
Simply state, “No comment,”

7. ✔ Complete Written Vehicle Accident Report – Complete your
written report at the scene while details are fresh.

8. ✔ Comply with any required Post Accident Drug/Alcohol Test

1. If possible you should pull off to a safe place

2. If on a roadway, you need to set out warning devices

3. Call Breakdown

4. Email Dispatch,CPC,Transervice

1.In the event of a medical emergency call 911 as appropriate

2. Report injury to Nurses Line

(Option 1) to speak with a nurse  (Available 24 x 7 )

Questions or follow up calls?  Option 3 or 4 for CPC WC department

  3. Report injury to your CPC Operations Manager

1. When possible dispatch needs a 2 hour window

2. Monday To Friday 5AM-6PM

3. Monday To Friday 6PM-5AM

4. Friday 6PM To Saturday 5AM

5. Saturday 5AM To Monday 5AM

6. Call CPC and leave message or you can Email TeamWindsor

 1. From your last stop call numbers below–Always Leave Message

2. Dispatch Monday To Friday 5AM-6PM

3.Dispatch After Hours Monday To Friday 6PM-5AM

4. Dispatch Weekends

Friday 6PM To Saturday 5AM

Saturday 5AM To Monday 5AM

5. We also need an email 

Your store is not there or has not opened the door within 30 minutes of your arrival.

1.Call  Sail . If nobody answers you should leave a message letting them know the issue you are having.

2. On weekends you need to call dispatch and leave a message.

3. If you do not wish to call, you can email Sail

Note:  Nobody can get anyone there any quicker on that day, but sails does need the information so that we can stop this from happening in the future.

1. Call Sail Monday To Friday  430AM–3PM  If nobody answers, leave a  message with your name, store # and number of cases short

2. If you prefer, you can email Sail with all the information

3.  Weekends leave a message with Sail or email Sail

If your bolt did not download or it is not working

1. Email Dispatch about Bolt

2. You need to use store tracker since your Bolt is not working

Peoplenet Issues

No GPS?  — Use reset on back of device or try powering off then on. If this does not work, you need to call Peoplenet. You will need to leave a message and they will call you back. You need to get a work order number from them. Once you do get the work order, you should write up the peoplenet on your DVIR and make sure Transervice gets the work order number. You can email Transervice the number.

No hours available?— Watch this video and learn how to edit your logs

If you lose power during the trip, you should contact Peoplenet

and then EMAIL dispatch and CPC that you will be using paper logs.

Transervice has an account with all of the domiciles listed below

Baldwin WI– Blaine Brothers  24/7

Green Bay WI–Wisconsin Kenworth 24/7

Racine WI– Kew Trucking  630AM-330PM

Rochester MN– Interstate Motor Trucks Inc  7AM-5PM

Rockford IL– Maggio’s  24/7

Rogers MN– Allstate Peterbilt   7AM-12AM

All other domiciles you will need to call Breakdown 



Please send pics of good and bad loads.

Also need the route # and trailer # and any other comments you wish to make

Send pics to Madison