Seven CPC Logistics, Inc. Truck Drivers who have demonstrated high performance standards against their peer Drivers throughout the country based on customer service, safety, adherence to company standards, regulatory compliance, and community service have been honored by the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) as National Driver All-Stars. The award, co-sponsored by International Truck/Navistar, Inc., was presented at a ceremony that took place in conjunction with NPTC’s National Safety Conference, September 13-14, 2018.

    2018 CPC Logistics NPTC All-Star Drivers

    From left to right, pictured are Matthew Dosland (John Deere), Stuart Olson(Bridgestone), James Dorsey(Walgreens), Anne Goodnough(Fabri-Kal), Robert Brown(Moen), John Capps(Fabri-Kal), Brent Dempsey(TMH Transport) and Alex Diaz(Avery Dennison).

    “These Drivers embody all the characteristics, skills and attitudes that are the heart of what enables the private fleet to continue to deliver exceptional levels of customer service,” according to NPTC President and CEO Gary Petty. “They are ambassadors, not only for their company, but for the entire private fleet community. We are honored to recognize these private fleet Drivers for meeting high performance standards in the fields of customer service, safety and compliance.”

    NPTC initiated the National Driver All-Stars program in 2009 to recognize those drivers of NPTC fleet member companies based on how they perform against their own internal customer service metrics. Specific measures of the recognition include:

    • Customer service (uniform/appearance; on-time deliveries; attitude/conduct; customer feedback; loading/unloading; cooperation)
    • Safety (number of DOT reportable accidents; number of OSHA reportable injuries; number of traffic violations verified by current MVR)
    • Compliance with company standards (attendance, attendance at safety meetings, training, paperwork, etc.)
    • Regulatory compliance (hours of service, DVIR, MVR, etc.)
    • Community service

    This year’s CPC Logistics National Driver All-Star honorees are:

    Robert Brown, Moen Incorporated, assigned by CPC Logistics, Inc.
    Brent Dempsey, TMH Transport, LLC
    Alex Diaz, Avery Dennison, assigned by CPC Logistics, Inc.
    James Dorsey, Walgreen Oshkosh, Inc., assigned by CPC Logistics, Inc.
    Matthew Dosland, John Deere, assigned by CPC Logistics, Inc.
    Miriam Anne Goodnough, Fabri-Kal Corporation, assigned by CPC Logistics, Inc.
    Stuart Olson, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, assigned by CPC Logistics, Inc.

    Additionally, during the ceremony, the NPTC and CPC recognized a 2017 NPTC All Star Driver John Capps, a CPC Logistics Driver assigned to Fabri-Kal.  Mr. Capps was unable to appear in 2017 for health reasons, and was able to attend to receive recognition for this prestigious accomplishment.