It is with GREAT JOY that we announce CPC has a new 2017 Hall of Fame Driver, Larry Lloyd, being elected into the National Private Truck Council Hall of Fame. Since its inception, NPTC has so honored approximately 120 drivers. CPC, with this addition of Larry Lloyd of our Walgreens operations will be our ninth (9th), more than any other company!!!

    Larry had a long career in Flagstaff, AZ and recently is working as part of a remote team operation based in Woodland, CA.

    Drop Larry a line of congratulations in the comments section (below)!
    Larry Lloyd 2017 NPTC Hall of Fame Driver

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    • Tom Bickel

      Everyone at CPC is thrilled to hear this news Larry. Thank you for all you do to represent CPC so well!

      • Chris erickson

        Good job Larry thanks

        • Larry Lloyd

          Dear Chris, THANK YOU sir!
          Sincerely, Larry

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you sir. Looking forward to meeting you in Cincinnati.
        Sincerely, Larry

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you sir!
        Sincerely, Larry

      • Steve White

        Way to go Larry

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hello. Its a pleasure working for CPC. The company has always been here for me. Steady work, good equipment and our clients are easy to work with. Thank you, Larryc

      • Larry Lloyd

        HI Mr Bickel, CPC is easy to represent! Great clients, well maintained equipment, and a good health care plan. But the thing I admire about CPC are their policy’s on safety and operating legal. Sincerely, Larry Lloyd

    • Don graham

      Congrats mr Lloyd well done sir

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Don, Thank you for the kind words, Larry

    • Bill Koons

      Congrats Larry. Well done and well deserved.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Dear Mr Koons,
        Thank you. Was I surprised by this award. Just doing my job!
        Sincerely, Larry

    • Randy

      Congratulations from an unknown soul in Tx. Keep on trucking

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Randy, Thank you for taking time to leave your comments. Much appreciated sir!

    • Ron Ganoe

      Congrats from Connecticut!!!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Ron! Connecticut? I’m temporarily assigned to Walgreen in Woodland,California. I guess CPC really does cover the country. Regards, Larry Lloyd

    • Dan Buckley

      Fantastic accomplishment Larry. Glad you are part of our team. Enjoy the ceremonies in Cincinnati this spring!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Dan!! Sincerely, Larry

    • Larry Foltz

      Congrats Larry. When you were elected CPC Driver of the Year I just made you pay for Dinner at the Enchanted Whatever Restaurant in Sedona. I guess since your in the NPTC Hall of Fame you’ll have to buy me a car.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Mr Foltz, The stories we have compiled over the years! So you need a new car? THAT’S how this award came to be? Looking forward to getting together at the convention. Sincerely, Larry

    • Alex Cima Jr

      Awesome job Larry! Keep up the good work! Thanks for being part of the CPC Team!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Alex,
        CPC is a great team to be on!
        Thanks for the comments.
        Sincerely, Larry

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Stacey. I appreciate all your help with the 401K plan. EVERYONE!!! Get signed up for your 401K, retirement come sooner than you think! Larry

    • Bob Boyich, Executive Vice President

      Congrats to a World-Class driver and gentleman, a deserving Hall of Famer. So excited I will get a chance to share the time in Cincinnati with you.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Well hello Mr Boyich. This was your doing! I’m heading to Ohio, dressed in a new suit, mingling with people way out of my class. But it’ll be a great experience. Thank you so much for your support during the Flagstaff DC closure. Looking forward to our trip. Sincerely, Larry

    • Pat Lee

      Well done Larry

      • Larry Lloyd

        Dear Pat, None of this is possible without the support of everyone from CPC and their clients. Thank you, Larry

    • Hi, Larry,

      Congratulations regarding this tremendous honor as a Hall of Fame Driver. We appreciate your hard work and many miles you put in with us, and the support of your family, as well. Enjoy the NPTC Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony in Indy later this year!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Jeff, Thank you for the kind words. CPC has changed my life. Year round work, health insurance, retirement plans and the support from the top to bottom. We all give 100%. Regards, Larry Lloyd

    • John Bickel Sr.

      Congratulations Larry. It is people that make a difference in this world today and at CPC you are one of those in the spotlight that has made a big difference….Thanks for making all of us at CPC look good.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Dear Mr Bickel, Thank you sir! Its been a good ride. CPC is a great company. Thank you for making it what it is today. Sincerely, Larry

    • Ken Pruitt

      Larry, I have heard your name often. It’s good to see good people rewarded!!! Thank you for all you have done for and given to CPC & our customer!! Great job! Well deserved!!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Ken, CPC rocks! They have treated me fairly, and helped me along the road. Regards, Larry Lloyd

    • John Bickel Jr

      Congratulations Larry! Tremendous accomplishment!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hello Mr Bickel, I can’t thank you and everyone at CPC enough. Sincerely, Larry Lloyd

    • Mike VIVOLI

      Well done Larry awesome award

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Mike. The kind words are deeply appreciated. Sincerely, Larry Lloyd

    • Joe Cosenza

      Larry, What an accomplishment! Congratulations! Thank you for your tremendous safety record. Drivers with your dedication to safety make our job easy. The CPC Safety Department Thanks You.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Joe, Fortunately I haven’t had much interaction with your department! We do employ great drivers, and management is awesome. Sincerely, Larry

    • Kenneth Kirtley

      Wow Larry congratulations on your induction into the NPTC. It is an honor to have such a distinguished driver on our team!!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Ken, Yes, I’m only one of a team of 3,800+ members. As a Divisional Driver I’m at different locations. Every location and every driver has helped me along the way. Thank you, Larry Lloyd

    • Dan Most

      Congratulations Larry! Induction into the NPTC Hall of Fame is recognition of Excellence over a career of driving. Very glad to see that all of your hard work and commitment to be the best every day is being recognized! I look forward to seeing you in Cincinnati!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Dan! I was shocked when Mr Boyich called with the news. Walgreen and CPC has treated my family and myself very good. See you in Ohio. Sincerely, Larry

    • Kelly Colucci

      Congratulations on a great accomplishment!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Kelly. As you know, we show up, do the best we can, and go from there. Regards, Larry

    • Linda Benko

      Congratulations on your great accomplishment!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Linda. Regards, Larry

    • Keevin

      Congratulations Larry.

      • Larry Lloyd

        I appreciate you taking the time to say hello. I’m one of 3,000+ CPC drivers, and we all strive to do a good job. Sincerely, Larry Lloyd

    • Terry Williams

      Congratulations on your great accomplishment, great job!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Terry, Thank you! As you know, we all get behind the wheel, leave our mental baggage in the car, and do our best on the road. Take care, Larry,

    • Anthony Rodriguez

      Congratulations from Ct great job

    • fellow driver

      congratulations.keep on doing a great job

    • fellow driver

      congratulations.keep on doing a great job .

    • Eric Avent


    • Lance

      Congrats Larry….Job well done….Looks like you will need a fill in again while you’re gone to the party…lol

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hey Lance, Chris told me you were a great partner. And I really glad you took good care of him! Thank you sir, Larry Lloyd

    • Randy Featherstone

      Job well done from another unknown soul from Tx Randy F.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Mr Unknown Soul,
        There are thousands of us on the road. Keeping America stocked with everything they need, and some things they don’t!
        Thank you sir.

    • Andrew Pate

      Awesome job Larry. You have earned this a hundred times over. Thank you for modeling what a Professional Driver looks like!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thanks for the coffee and Cinabuns at Desert Center

    • Shannon Easterling

      Larry, Congratulations from South Carolina. I know as a fellow driver that this award is the result of many miles,many years, and many interactions with customers and the public that you did safely and courteously. Great Job!!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Shannon, As you know getting behind the wheel can be very rewarding, as well as frustrating! It is those few moments during the day when we chuckle, or let 4 or 5 motorists get in our lane after they just cut you off in the construction zone that bring happiness. Kindness goes a long way out on the road. sincerely, Larry

    • Marangelli

      Congratulations Mr Lloyd!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Watch that Mr Lloyd stuff. Makes me feel old. Wait… I am old. I guess you can’t drive 3 million miles and NOT be old! Thank you, Larry lloyd

    • Herb Morton

      Congratulations Larry, on a job well done! Thank you for all your years of great work!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Herb. You do a great job as safety coordinator. Your help inv Woodland is appreciated. AZ Team

    • Terrence Murphy

      Congratulations Larry well done sir you the safest person on the highway I am sure when the family goes on vacation with you they got you behind the wheel .

      • Larry Lloyd

        Haha. No. I don’t drive when I’m on vacation. Remember, I’m inv vacation!

    • Butch Wallis


      Well deserved recognition for one of the “Best of the Best”! You have always performed all of your duties exceptionally and raised Safety and Customer Service to its highest level. Your efforts outside of work have also influenced others in a positive manner. CPC is fortunate to have you as a key part of our team!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you for your support thru years. Larry

    • Albert

      Larrry. Congrats. From albert. Road driverr. And yard switcher cpc logistis

      • Larry Lloyd

        Yard Dog? What are you doing on here? Get to work! AND… Thank you for all your help in Woodland. You make everyone’s job easier. Regards, Larry Lloyd

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank your sir!

    • Stuart

      Congratulations Larry! Well deserved!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Stuart! Larry

    • Corey Stein

      Congratulations Larry! So glad we have you on our team.

      • Larry Lloyd

        And Corey, I am happy to have you on the CPC team as well. Regards, Larry

    • Robin Blumenthal

      Congratulations on being selected as a 2017 Hall of Fame Driver!
      This award appropriately reflects the endless hours and millions of miles you have driven safely across the highways and leaves no doubt that you are the best of the best!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Robin, As you know we all give 100% at CPC. I’m glad you are a member! Sincerely, Larry Lloyd

    • Dean Cretsinger

      Hall of Fame!!!
      Best of the Best!

      Congrats Larry.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank for the kind words Dean. regards, Larry

    • Jerry ten Berge

      Congratulations Larry, Great job, well deserved

      • Larry Lloyd

        Jerry. Thank you so much. Larry

    • Panu Purhonen

      Congratulations Larry! Well deserved!

      • Larry Lloyd

        WOW!! A congrats all the way from Helsinki Finland. Thank you Panu. Tell the wife and kids HOWDY from Arizona, Larry

    • Bill Baines

      Great Job Larry!!

    • Larry Lloyd

      Thank you Bill. As you know its a team effort. Sincerely, Larry

    • René Sandoval

      Great Job Larry!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Rene. CPC had made tbs award possible. Sincerely, Larry

    • Dick Lloyd

      Well deserved recognition for a committed, hardworking guy. I’m so proud of all my younger brother has accomplished with his life! A good man. Dick

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank You Bro! It’s been a good ride thru life. You encouraged along the way. Watch out for those CVS drivers on your journeys down Interstate 10.
        Regards, Larry

    • Scott Moormann

      Proud of our drivers for the job they do and it’s great to see one of the best of the very best get national recognition for it.

      Great Job Larry!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Mr Moormann, CPC is a great company to be associated with. The drivers all help each other, and Yves Thomas is always available to answer questions. Ray Miles stepped forward and helped everyone with the transition at our Flagstaff location.
        Thank you for the kinds words

    • Hi Larry, WOW! What an accomplishment! Congratulations to you and this awesome achievement. Its drivers like you that make this crazy business that we are all in much more tolerable that’s for sure! Your TEAM spirit definitely makes you a stand out guy so with that said I’m not surprised that you would be chosen. Thank you for all the hard work and the support that you have given me and my Team at Transervice for the almost 17 years that I have known you. You’re much appreciated Sir! Take care and be SAFE out there!

    • Larry Lloyd

      Thank you Tom. Transervice makes our job easier with state of the art, safe equipment. A shout out to your efficient crew in Woodland CA
      Sincerely, Larry

    • Jason Buffington

      Couldn’t have went to a more deserving person. Congrats!! It was a pleasure to work with you.

    • Larry Lloyd

      Thank you Jason! Transervice has first class equipment for the CPC drivers assigned to Walgreens. Thanks for all you do for the drivers.
      Regards, Larry

    • Garry Mann

      You have earned it Larry. Your many miles and diligence has paid off. Very Deserving of the award.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Hi Gary, This honor would not be possible with the support of the Transervice shop in Woodland CA. You and your crew- Steve, Zack, Chris, and Darryll go the extra mile to keep the equipment in top notch condition! Thank you.
        Regards, Larry

    • Carlton

      Congrats. You have carried on with the great safety record we established over 30yrs. in Flagstaff. All of us that drove and worked with you know how much you deserve this. WOW. Hall of Famer. The Best of the Best. Carlton

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Carlton.
        The Flagstaff location rocked. Everyone- drivers, Transervice and dispatchers worked together to make the operation run smoothly. You, Gerald and Ralph all taught me the ropes and helped me thru the first few years. Regards, Larry

    • Ken Figueroa

      Larry a true professional truck driver. One of the best out in the trucking business . Congratulations Larry!

    • Larry Lloyd

      Hi Ken, Transervice furnishes the CPC drivers top notch, safe and compliant equipment. Thank you, Larry

    • David Lloyd

      Congratulations, brother Larry! I’m very proud of you – this is a well deserved honor. You’re “all in” with everything you do and this recognizes a career of hard work and commitment. You go above and beyond to help others – glad you’re my brother!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Why thank you brother David.
        I learned so much from my older brother growing up. Delivering newspapers at 6am every morning. How to play baseball- still I still need to improve, and how to “Get around”.
        The kind words are heartwarming.
        Sincerely, Lar

    • Shirley Strong

      You are an all round good guy. Jim mentioned that often. And you are a most deserving driver. Congratulations.

    • Larry Lloyd

      Hi Shirley, Thank you for the kind words. I owe all my years of safe driving to your husband, Jim. What a guy! Jim taught me patience, something I as lacking.
      Regards, Larry

    • TC

      Congratulations! You are an individual that takes pride in his work. It shows in your attention to detail, your feedback, and your candor. You care for your fellow team mates, and your fellow drivers on the road. You represent the profession well. This honor has been earned and well deserved. You should be proud.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Sir! What else can I say? I appreciate all you do for me, as well as the students of Northern Arizona University.
        Sincerely, Larry

    • Shane Bebo

      Congratulations Mr. Lloyd. Has been a pleasure to work with you this past year. Your keen, comedic personality makes work much more enjoyable. Thank you for all that you do!! And just because you are entering the HOF do not think you can retire and leave us! Congratulations!!

    • Larry Lloyd

      Haha. Watch the “Mr Lloyd” stuff, makes me feel old!
      Seriously Shane thanks for your help, I couldn’t do my job without your support, and the support of the Woodland DC dispatch office.
      Enjoy the upcoming MLB season.
      Sincerely, Larry

    • Rosa Zendejas

      Thank you Larry for always coming to the Woodland DC with a smile. Big congratulation on your award safe travels always! Thanks for the VooDoo Doughnuts all the sweet treats we really enjoy them.

      • Larry Lloyd

        It was been great getting to know the people that make the Walgreen Woodland DC tick.
        Thanks Rosa for all the help!
        Regards, Larry

    • May Her

      Congrats LARRY!
      It’s a pleasure to see you everyday here at Walgreen’s. Well deserved award for a hard working employee. We are very happy for you!! Thank you for all the goodies you bring us.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you for the kind words.
        M.P.B. makes our job S.A.I.L. smoothly. The drivers appreciate all you do..
        Sincerely, Larry

    • Larry Lloyd

      I want to thank everyone for the congratulatory messages!
      And a special thanks to Tom Moore, NPTC; Tom Bickel, CPC St Louis; Bob Boyich, CPC; and Ray Miles, CPC for taking the time to travel to Sacramento
      last week. Sincerely, Larry Lloyd

      • It was our honor Larry! Thank you for making us all feel so welcome! – Tom Bickel

      • Tom Moore

        Larry, it was a pleasure to meet you and spend time with you. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Looking forward to sharing your story!

    • Larry Lloyd

      A special thanks for two very important people.
      First, Ray Miles, CPC, Henderson, NV
      Ray makes my job as a Divisional Driver easy. His management skills are beyond excellent. Thank you Ray!
      Second, Christopher Dennis. Chris and I run a team operation. Our truck averages 5,800 miles a week. Our assignment for the last 15 months has been 1,000 miles from our home base. Without Chris’s support this award would not be possible.
      Thank you gentlemen!
      Sincerely, Larry

    • What an honor for you, Larry!
      And a shining example of “how it works.”
      No doubt your driving record is a direct reflection on your commitment to take care of your mind, body and spirit — one day at a time.
      Onward, fellow traveler!
      William Moyers
      VP, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

    • Larry Lloyd

      Yes, we are all truckers! Carrying the goods that keep America moving. Including the message and knowledge to help our fellow drivers.
      Thank you sir, without people like you supporting me along the way, I wouldn’t be here today!
      How does a driver achieve 3 million miles of accident free driving?
      Sincerely, Larry Lloyd

    • jerry tainter

      hey young man – You are my hero – When I grow up I want to be just like you. No joke you deserve the award. CONGRATULATIONS ! ! its been fun knowing and working with you. PS you still have more millions of miles to go.

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thanks Jerry, Yes sir, I’ll never hit the 4 million miles you have under your belt!
        Thanks for all your help at Toyota Quality Parts Express.
        Sincerely, Larry

    • Ralph Neal

      Larry, I’m glad that one of the Flagstaff team made it, Good job !!!

      • Larry Lloyd

        Thank you Ralph! All the
        Flagstaff drivers are Hall of
        Famers. We had the cream
        of the crop!

    • David Gad berry, CTP

      Larry you’re a good man and a great “Delivery Specialist”. Thank you for working hard, being flexible, and Going the Extra
      Mile. You’re a GEM!

    • Larrylarry Lloyd

      Thank you David. Toyota
      Quality Parts Express is a
      great company thanks to
      your hard work! I hope you
      are settled in Texas.
      Regards, Larry

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