Chesterfield, MO – CPC Logistics, a national U.S.-based company specializing in contract truck driver and related logistics services, recently formed a new Canadian Corporation, Logistics Professionals Limited, that on August 1, 2008 finalized the acquisition of Huron Services Group Limited, a long-standing leading Canadian logistics firm and member of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada.  CPC’s existing Canadian company, CPC Logistics Canada Limited, will now also be a subsidiary of Logistics Professionals Ltd. and together with the acquisition of Huron will enhance the resources of CPC Canada’s existing operations and will assist in expanding Huron’s current service offerings in the provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, Canada.

    “…We had been aware of Huron’s outstanding reputation for providing high quality logistics services in Canada. They have been in business for forty years and their philosophy for customer service and  cooperation mirrors ours. When this opportunity was presented to CPC we immediately took steps to close the transaction as soon as possible.”
    -John T. Bickel, Sr., President of CPC Logistics

    ”…We are proud to join the CPC Canada family. CPC’s excellent service and dedication to finding, together with their customers, mutually beneficial solutions to a variety of logistics and transportation issues are values which we have always held as priorities with our customers. We are pleased to be able to call upon the vast and value added services and resources that CPC, as a North American logistics leader, can offer in support of the services we can bring to our customers.”

    -John Thomson, President of Huron Service Group 

    CPC is celebrating its 35th year in providing professional transportation and logistics services to many Fortune 500 firms that operate private fleets.  Due to internal growth and external acquisitions, CPC has grown to over 4,000 employees providing the services of truck operators, warehouse workers, dispatchers, fleet management and administrative support personnel from its 25 field offices.  Additionally, the firm provides other logistical services to assist private carriers in effective fleet management. The combined entities of CPC Canada Limited and Huron Services Group Limited will draw on Huron’s 40 year service record and CPC Canada’s existing resources, to bring its services to many leading Canadian Corporations.