From time to time, we are told by customers, suppliers and drivers that we don’t do enough to tell our own story. What can we say? If you spend too much time tooting your own horn, the noise can distract you from something unforeseen hurting you.

    You have to be prepared everyday to be focused on the fundamentals of safety and meticulous execution of the day’s work. This includes every single person on the team. Of course, there are ALWAYS numerous other uncontrollable factors and players that are not “on the team”, which can ruin your ability to perform.

    Another reason we don’t make a lot of time for self promotion is that we hope that our work speaks for itself. In this age of social media, this is probably a strategy that needs to be revisited. Well, it starts today!

    Many of CPC’s business associates are not even aware of the fact that CPC operates a subsidiary company which provides dedicated carrier services called TMH Transport. Dedicated carriage services are not necessarily a function that CPC as a company outwardly markets, as we believe in promoting fleets to explore the advantages of running an “unbundled dedicated” program. However, in certain situations, for certain companies, outsourcing to a dedicated provider makes more sense. So we will pursue those opportunities when they are present.

    Whew, that is a long introduction to the main point of this post! Thankfully for us, our dedicated program shares the CPC Logistics values of pursuing everyday excellence, and that “Safety Is A CPC FACT”. In the case of our TMH Fleet in Lincoln Al, this was recently illustrated in a post by TMH Fleet Operations Manager Jason Hosford on a LinkedIn post:

    CPC Logistics Dedicated Carrier Services

    So, please allow us to reset Jason’s comments. Basically, in this industry where Driver retention is a extraordinarily challenging due to the competition for great Drivers, being able to retain an entire team of fleet Drivers for over a year is a MAJOR accomplishment, regardless of fleet size.

    Also, to achieve 1.9 million accident free miles, during a time period of essentially 1.5 years, is absolutely sterling. So, we wanted to take this pause to stop and say… WELL DONE to the entire TMH team in Lincoln. Great job!

    For the record, if your company is running a private fleet, and contemplating, for whatever reasons, converting to a dedicated model… please give CPC a chance to participate in the process. You will not be sorry. Big isn’t always best. Plus, as you can see, CPC and TMH keep a laser focus on establishing, maintaining and recognizing excellence. If you look carefully around that category of trucking, you are sure to discover just how uncommon that is.